Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Don't Cry, JPYs!!

I feel strange when I am in a room full of crying people. It was the exact same feeling all over me when the second floor lounge was full of sniffles and sobs on the 11th December 2008. There were several PYs whom I was not close to that came and eventually landed on my shoulders for a few more sobs. Romy, Jannah and I shared the same sentiments about the whole crying thing. When we saw each other, we commanded each other not to cry. "Don't cry, Daph!", said Jannah with her big, widening eyes.

Yet, crying is like an infectious disease. When sobbing Nii Nii came over and gave me his last hug for a long, long time, tears just started pouring and there was nothing I could do but laughed at the fact that I finally did cry.

Maw was adorable. She saw everyone crying and at one point announced, "There! I've got a drop! Yes! It's a drop!"

Brunei was the last contingent to leave while Japan stayed back to bid their farewells. And thus, I have a picture of crying, smiling and cheering JPYs.

Just as how unbelievable the programme started and the fact that I was on it, it was also unbelievable that it already ended.

But hey, guess what? I'm gonna see Romy and the SPYs tomorrow! If crossing oceans is what I have to do to meet you guys, so be it then! :)

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