Tuesday, 20 January 2009

His Gift of a Rainbow

I was bustling about to ready my day and as usual, I sat by the balcony to have my daily dose. Yeah, that didn't get far. Sigh. So, there I was sitting when a perfect rainbow appeared right in front of me. It was one of those strange signs I usually notice out of the blue. I was practically right in the middle of the parabola as though it appeared just for me! When I hurried to get my camera and was soon in perfect composition, it started to fade! :(

Just the night before, I had a long talk with Jo. I had called her up because I had missed her so much and us having spent so little time lately prompted me to do so. I guess God must have decided to send me a little gift as I braced myself to a new day since I was feeling so bitter then.

And, on that very night, I had this dream of a particular someone and it was a nice dream. Maybe Jo's inclination towards dreaming had somewhat infected me! Well, the dream and this beautiful, perfect rainbow just left me hanging as though I am not hanging enough already! Tsk tsk tsk.

Meanwhile, the day had been going well. I got some errands half way done. I seemed to have stabilised where lectures are concerned. I hope I won't induce another episode of erratic behaviour, which I think I tend to do. Sigh. I've been looking at several universities for the next big step and looking at one particular one, my first choice, was getting me all excited and jumpy all morning. As usual, I sang and hummed in my cubicle with all of my sounds polluting the entire staffroom. My colleagues seemed to be immuned to my craziness. We talked about this university that I so want to be in and all shared the same excitement talking about it. So, it's time for me to reach new heights and fly... hopefully.

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