Saturday, 19 June 2010

Temburong at Rainforest Lodge, Freme Travel

BT was coming to Brunei. I thought it would be nice for a city guy like him to enjoy nature in the jungle a bit and booked us a 2-day Temburong Tour with Freme Travel Services. With accommodation, transport and meals included in the tour, it came to a total cost of about BND220 each person. I thought this was a little pricey given the standard of accommodation, basic facility with clean showers and bunk beds. But, the food was good and our tour guide was a young and extremely resourceful Iban local who was also very hospitable to us. By the end of the trip, my opinion about the price changed as our guide had made our trip so much more interesting and memorable. As for transport, it was late at one occasion but punctual at all other times.

I found our itinerary just nice to get a good gist of the Temburong with the longboat ride (a definite-must in the morning as it is amazing to feel the morning fresh air, spot birds and animals in the jungle and listen to animal calls), cultural visit at the long house, jungle hike, swim at the waterfall (I am so in love with the natural fish spa at one particular waterfall. I think it's called Sungai Lubuk - I am not sure) and river, and definitely, the canopy walk.

Our itinerary for this trip, found at Freme's Temburong Tours webpage,was as follows:




Day 1:
Depart Bandar by boat from Jalan Residency jetty
Arrive Bangar, Temburong
Depart in vehicle for Bukit Patoi
Lunch at local restaurant
Depart in vehicle for Longhouse
>Meet the local people
Arrive at Rainforest Lodge.
> Settle into accommodation
> Swim, relax and go for walks around the area
> Shower & clean-up
BBQ Dinner


Day 2:
Rise, Pack & breakfast
Travel upstream by longboat to National Park.
Arrive at Ulu Temburong National Park.
> Canopy walkway, morning tea
> Explore rainforest streams & visit a waterfall.
> Shoot the rapids (optional, Inflatable Rafts& Kayaks)
Arrive at the National Park entrance for lunch. (Swim & Relax)
Depart in Longboat to Rainforest Lodge.
Arrive Rainforest Lodge – afternoon tea & freshen up.
Depart Rainforest Lodge for Bangar
Depart to Bangar for water taxi to BSB
Arrive BSB

Passenger boats to Temburong

New air-conditioned passenger jetty building to provide shelter for arriving and waiting passengers at the Bangar Jetty

The exterior of the building

Rainforest Lodge, located beside a river, which makes it so convenient to go for a swim. People living in the neighbourhood goes to the river to bathe. We went for a swim and the water was freezing cold but very refreshing!

Our bedroom at the Rainforest Lodge in Temburong

The dining area at Rainforest Lodge

Our lunch served in buffet style, like all meals are served in hearty portions and they are very delicious.

The river beside Rainforest Lodge where people swim and bathe

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