Saturday, 19 June 2010

The summit of Bukit Patoi, Temburong

I was so out of stamina easily that I had to take many breaks during the hike, each taking about 10 to 15 minutes. But, it was during those time we got to have a chat with our guide about their Iban culture. I was surprised to find our guide a freethinker as I often thought Ibans, if not Muslims or Christians, would follow their native religion. He shared that he had no superstition of any sort and neither do his family members. He had learnt the art of hunting from his father since a young age, and could hunt wild boars with arrows and spears. On a good day, his family can catch up to 10 wild boars in a day in the Temburong jungles, he said.

As a guide bringing visitors around Temburong, sometimes he makes two trips to bring visitors on the Bukit Patoi jungle trail a day! It is little wonder that he was able to talk while going up the slopes of the hill. He warned that Bukit Patoi should not be visited during late afternoon. One should leave the jungle before it gets dark as dangerous wild animals begin to roam around in the jungle.

The view at the peak of Bukit Patoi was breath-taking. It reminded me of the canopy walk I did not too long ago. This time round, we could see Lawas and Labuan (East Malaysia) from here. I love how the hilly green jungle fades into shades of greyish blue in the distance as it meets the sky. Nature amazes me all the time and serves a constant reminder of how I am also part of it.

B and our guide at the summit

Beautiful jungle

The flat stone at the summit, just a perfect platform for taking pictures

Smoke coming from palm factories in Lawas

I love how this very tall tree is standing by itself

Grass growing at areas with no tree cover

An inedible fruit tree found at the edge of the summit

Another plant found near the lookout point (One I remember whose flower petals could be used for removing scars but don't know the name)

Graffiti at the ceiling of a resting shelter

More graffiti at a particular stone pillar hidden among the trees

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