Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Canada Trip Day 1: Arriving Vancouver Intl. Airport

Still 13th June 2010! - Here is the funny part, we left Hong Kong at 1810 hours thinking we would arrived in Vancouver Intl. Airport the next day on 14th June. As the plane was landing, the cabin crew announced the local time and date which left us all puzzled and panicky! It was 1450 hours on 13th June! Cool! We went back in time! But, not cool because we told my aunt to pick us on the 14th! We were tired and unnecessarily frantic. Mum called my aunt's house several times with no answer and left messages. Should we get a cab? What if no one's at home? It turned out we all do not have the mobile numbers of anyone we know in Canada and Mum just realised the home address she had of my aunt's was of her old house! In the first place, our itinerary had clearly stated 13th June without the "plus 1 day". I thought there might have been a mistake to have that part left out and "corrected" it myself. It was no fuss in the end. My aunt came rushing through the sliding doors. Seeing her relieved us of all our apprehensions.

I do not remember having much sleep in the plane although I might have dozed off on several occasions while trying to watch Alice in Wonderland. The in-flight entertainment system of Air Canada planes are different from RBA ones. Theirs do not have remote controls but instead, touch screens, which are cool because we do not have to be fumbling with them wires. But, games were not available. International Air Canada flights supply head phones free of charge while domestic ones sell them for three Canadian dollars or you can bring your own since the entertainment system accepts single pin head phones.

Red hues of the sky during sunrise

For some reason, I'm always sitting next to the wing of the plane

Glittery ice crystals on the airplane window

The glimpse of Richmond as the plane was landing. There were timber logs soaking in the river.

Plane touching down in the city of Richmond where the airport is located

Where all the modern high rise congregated is the City of Glass, Vancouver

Cascade Range

Air Canada's first class seat, stylish and comfy-looking

First steps into Vancouver Intl Airport

Greeted by a large Inuit art piece

I love totem poles! Somehow, they reminded me of New Zealand!

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