Thursday, 3 June 2010

My Kampong Cats

I used to have as many as 10 cats at home but some either ran away or died. Out of the three cats that I currently have, I am closest to Simba and Puzzle.

Simba is a ginger tabby cat and got his name from the main character of The Lion King because of his colour and his aloof character. He loves to be outdoors during the rain which consequently gets him sick, which is one reason mum keeps him in the house when it rains. In heat or not, he's always caterwauling and often, in response to our calls. He loves to run upstairs into my room and my sister's. One very interesting thing about Simba is he likes to prop himself up with his bottom against the floor and his back against the wall, sitting like a human. It seemed that Puzzle had also learnt this trait from him.

Puzzle, on the other hand, is not as interesting a character as Simba. She's nonetheless as adorable and pampered as Simba. Puzzle is a calico cat of black and orange patches and hence the name. She loves to come in to the kitchen and lie on the mat when I am cooking.

Puzzle wandering around in the garden

Puzzle looking at something

Puzzle caught me sneaking up on her

My sister took a picture of Simba having his afternoon name in a strange position

Sometimes, I call Simba "Fat Cat" because he is the fattest kampong cat I've ever come across. This may not show in the pictures.

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