Friday, 4 June 2010

Growing Soursop in Brunei

Dad was excited to show me one of the soursop that has recently been plucked from the tree. It was really huge, the size of a mon-thong durian!

As I ventured around at the garden, I found that we have two soursop trees, both bearing many fruits, all at different stages of growing or ripening. So, I took the liberty to photograph the different stages.

This was the durian-sized soursop

This is another one from a tree, soon to ripen

Soursop fruits and some flowers at the bottom of the picture

These are soursop flowers which will eventually be pollinated and fertilized, to be able to bear fruits.

Baby soursop with thorny skin

Baby soursop begin to fill up with more flesh and the thorns become shorter

Soursop about to ripe

Another soursop about to get ripe

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