Thursday, 3 June 2010

Playgroup Session in Brunei at La Vida

La Vida has started its playgroup sessions in May and has opened up more slots to welcome more children with special needs. The playgroup session now runs not only on Fridays from 3.30pm to 5.00pm but on Thursdays and Saturdays as well though I am unsure of the time. Click here for contact details of La Vida.

This makes La Vida, the first of its kind in Brunei to offer playgroup sessions which help children with their early years development through games and activities as well as social interaction with other children. The children are accompanied by their parents where they participate in the activities together. It is one of the objectives of La Vida to motivate and inspire parents to help and learn together with their children, strengthening their parent-child relationships.

Adopting Malaysian Care's playgroup session, the session is comprised of some of the following activities: gross motor, songs, music and movement, story time, art and craft and free play. I usually help out with the gross motor, and art and craft. Just last week, we made party hats out of manila cards and stuck pretty stickers on them. :)

Parents and their children in music and movement

My drawing of grapes which looks like purple longans

Tearing and pasting in art and craft with origami paper - giraffe

Tearing and pasting in art and craft with origami paper- apple

Tearing and pasting in art and craft with origami paper - orange

We prepare a sample for the children to follow - orange


Addition of pasted papaya art work at the front of the counter

Tearing and pasting using crepe paper - papaya

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