Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The Hopscotch Twister

On a particular Friday when I volunteered at the La Vida Parent's Resource Centre & Toy Library, I was asked to clean this new toy that we got. We clean all the toys before we use them and after they are returned to us. With anti-bacterial cleaning agent on a towel, we wipe the toys.

Anyway, this week, I was impressed by this new toy we got. It's the Twister Hopscotch, which we use for our gross motor section of our weekly playgroup session. It's fun, safe and convenient! I didn't read the rules but let my imagination run wild over ways of playing this game. Talk about modern hopscotch.

Spin-the-needle board with colour codes and action icons.

The rings for laying on the floor

Very easy to set up, just snap both the rings on the sections that fit


Tada again!

I can feel the fun just by looking at the box. It cost about SGD45 in Brunei. On Amazon, it's US18.99

Set the patterns you like easily

Some bits of the rule

Volunteers setting up the rings for gross motor activities

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