Saturday, 3 October 2009

MBK & HK Marine

We had to go on the pedestrian bridge to get to MBK (Mah Boon Krong). There were students performing in groups in what seemed like some pop music or dance competition at the entrance of the mall. The first waft of air-conditioned air sent the both of us sighing with relief. We were so hungry and were scouting for restaurants, which we did not see any until we saw advertisement signs by the escalator. It said we are to go to the fifth floor but we were not sure which floor we were on. We finally saw a sign telling us that we're on the third floor. Thank God the upper floors of MBK were not as crowded as I'd expected it to be. The ground floor was really crowded with people that you have to swerve your way through the many barricades of people . It's crazy!

Lunch was good. We had it at Fifth Floor Food Avenue. I had stir-fried prawns with rice while R had pineapple fried rice. I love the Mangoberry Trio from Juice Bar and had a second order after I finished the glass. The system is pretty efficient. At the entrance of the food court, a staff member will issue you an electronic card which records your orders from the respective food stalls. When you are leaving the food court after your meal, you will go past the cashier to make a one-time payment for the food you have ordered, irrespective of how many stalls you have made your food orders from. So, you can go around to any food stall and order any dishes you like with the card. There is a penalty for a lost card. I can't remember the penalty fee.

We met up with Ma, Wo and Mu at the food court later in the evening. They brought us to a fusion restaurant of Chinese and Thai food called HK Marine, where To, Fl and Ji joined. The food there is interesting and fabulous, and SPICY! I've never eaten Thai food like those they've ordered. I can't remember the names of the Thai food we ate except the papaya salad! I ordered a Thai dish of deep fried prawn patties with other stuff in it. The fish dish which the TPYs ordered were exceedingly delicious! I had an awesome time with the vivacious TPYs! It felt like SSEAYP all over again.

To brought along a pretty, neat camera. It's got displays both at the usual back and front! We were so enthralled by it! The camera got passed around as we tested on it by taking pictures of ourselves, hahaha. Wait till they see R's mobile phone! The labels on her keyboard changes according to the orientation of her phone. If held vertically, the number pad labels come on. Otherwise, appear labels of a qwerty keyboard with Japanese characters! While we were admiring these fancy gadgets, IPhone owner, Wo had to show us something. LOL. It was hilarious! Apparently, you can watch tv from R's mobile phone! But with its tiny antenna pulled out, we looked like we're making contact with aliens!

That night, we tried to sleep early as we have to wake up as early as 4am for our 7am flight to Yangon using AirAsia.

View of traffic from the pedestrian bridge

People on escalators

Grilling mussels and pineapple for R's seafood pineapple fried rice

My order, stir-fried prawn with rice

I like the Juice Bar

The Juice Bar kitchen

The heavenly Mango Berry drink! There's the electronic card they use here for ordering food/drinks.

The eating area

Chicken quesadilla, which I ordered later in the late afternoon

We met Ji here as we were making our way to HK Marine restaurant

Thai rice noodle

Beef dish

Sticky rice that came in nice bamboo pockets

Papaya salad

Very delicious fried fish

Thai noodle that looked like kueh chap

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