Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Bago (Pegu): Maha Kalyani Sima (Maha Kalyani Thein)

Originally constructed in 1476 by the alchemist king and son of Queen Shinsawpu, Dhammazedi, the Maha Kalyani Sima is also known as the Sacred Hall of Ordination. It was built to resemble Kalyani Sima of Sri Langka. It is in Bago that the first of the 397 similar simas built by the same king around the country. The building today is a reconstruction of the original building which didn't survive the many fires and, earthquakes including the one in 1930.

When we were crusing along the sheltered driveway leading to the temple, we saw many nuns with their heads shaved and dressed in pink, cotton robes. There were some nuns who looked as young as ten years old. Most, if not all, were looking at us as we passed by.

Maha Kalyani Sima

Mouldy ceiling and a device or lamb with beautifully designed border

Carved paintings on the cement beams that support the building

A stupa beside Maha Kalyani Sima

Sacred Ordination Hall

Stained glass of the deity's attire

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