Monday, 31 August 2009

Lunch and Karola Pass

We have now arrived at the town area where the shops and restaurants are. And, wherever we go, we would see several tourist coaches who are typically following the touristy routes like ourselves. The restaurant we dined is is a Chinese one. Most of the nicer-looking restaurants outside Lhasa are Chinese. Since I finished lunch earlier than the others, I decided to have a stroll. Children were playing in the fields. There was a man playing a traditional-looking guitar on the floor, in front of the restaurant.

This was the restaurant we had lunch in.

In the distance, there is snow-covered Karola Pass

Tiny blue flowers

A man playing a traditional banjo or guitar.

A little girl picking flowers

Tibetans having lunch outside their tents

River and mountains

Lots of glaciers on the mountains

Yaks looking like black specks by the river

A pond with beautiful turquoise water

A herder and his yaks in the mountains

Karola Pass (5080m) with lots of tourists

The glaciers look so near as though it's going to come down on us

Tourists standing on higher ground to get better pictures

Yayy, we're out of the coach again! Liberation!

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