Sunday, 30 August 2009

Tibet Has Beautiful Lake Mirrors

I found this web entry by Günther Eichhorn on Tibet rather nice and brief. Our next stop was to have lunch. All the while as we are passing more Tibetan countryside, the thoughts of Yamdrok Tso didn't leave me until I saw the mountains and clouds being mirrored on the water. It was a pretty amazing view because at a certain angle or distance, the water appeared to be blue. Yet at another, you see the mirror image of what's around being reflected. And, sometimes, all you see is the glare of the sun's rays on the water.

Along these windy and rocky roads, I saw the perfect meadow. The grass was of lush green which became favourite grazing grounds for the farm animals. The calm river was of Maya blue. At a certain stretch, it cast a beautiful reflection of the mountains. The mountains were in shades of brown, green or red and the blue sky had the cotton-white clouds to keep it company. It was absolutely stunning to watch. As I watched, I was completely blown away by the beauty of the place. In fact, it was unbelievable that my eyes were becoming watery at the sight of its beauty and serenity. This place felt so beyond everything, like a paradise. As I engaged myself with the scenes before me, I forgot all else. I don't know what is it about Tibet, but this place is truly magical and profound. Everything around has a soul and they speak. They touch mine and with the beautiful scenery passing, tears rolled down my cheeks.

Remember the song, The Circle of Life by Elton John in The Lion King, I see it in Tibet, this circle of life.

A typical Tibetan village

Every year, thousands of Tibetans would go to the river or lake to have their baths during the Bathing Festival. This usually falls on the first 15 days of October when the brightest star of Venus (Qishan star or "Gamanji") appears. According to Tibetan Buddhism belief, the water at this time is sweet, cool, soft, light, clear, clean and unharmful to the throat or belly.

"Peace is flowing like a river, flowing out of you and me .." - Children's Christian song

Reflection of the clouds and the sky

Some sort of rodents live in these holes in the ground

The perfect meadow scene

What would you be thinking if you're standing right here?

The reflection looking like a painting as the ripples resemble brush strokes

A Tibetan couple walking in the farm

A pond in a field of yellow and green

Tibetan farmers walking along a path in the fields

Farmer with a shovel

Materials for building piled up in pyramids

Big sanskrit writings at the mountain slope

Another mirror on the water. Gah, the reflection of window curtains is caught on camera!

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