Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Bakhor Market, Lhasa

The Bakhor Market covers the street around Jokhang temple is themed with life. Tibetans and tourists alike filled up the pavement which lined many stalls selling all sorts of provisions, mostly souveniers, handicrafts and sometimes food. It is apparently the oldest street in Lhasa. While you will see many old shop houses, these are often blocked by stalls. You can ask for a bargain of up to 60% of the price given by the stall vendors.

I love visiting markets because the streets are so alive with them. Many people are passing by, some in Tibetan costumes, some in other tribal attires. You can hear a tourist negotiating bargains with the vendor, each trying to understand one another with what common language they can come up with. The vendors would usher you into their stalls to browse their products. In the oldness of the Bakhor market, I found a sense of richness. The old whitish buildings with their colourfully framed windows looked like a painting from a history book. The people with their simplicity and generous smiles. It's heartwarming and I absorbed the entire scene completely with delight. This is perhaps a certain sort of Tibetan romanticism as I marveled at all that was around.

I want to go to Shambala too, if I can find it!

A man in interesting attire

Rabbit is their mascot?

Art and antique shop! Me love!

So many shoes!

A couple selling textile and scarfs

We had our lunch at a hotel. It has this really nice model of a golden tael and a tapestry of the Potala Temple

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