Sunday, 23 August 2009

Lunch in a Tibetan town

Mum has thick hair so she took longer than we did on the hairdryer. By the time, she got out of the resort, the whole bus was already waiting for us.

Back in the coach, we passed more countryside again before we stopped at a roadside restaurant for lunch. I was excited. A tiny restaurant in a Tibetan town should serve some interesting food. It looked Chinese and asked my tour guide if Tibetan food was supposed to be similar to Chinese. It seems that the tour agency has made arrangement for the food to be of as many vegetable dishes for health reasons. I was a little disappointed but the atmosphere around kept my spirit up.

Grassland with tiny bushes of green


Tibetan women busy with chores

Tibetan woman with child crossing the river

Tibetan woman doing laundry by the river

A house with a China flag

Tibetan women walking

Leek with roasted pork slices

Rice porridge with green beans

Tibetan chilli ("sambal")

Chef cooking with his assistant by his side

Roadside buildings opposite the restaurant

Men fixing their motorbike

A house

A row of houses

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