Sunday, 5 April 2009

Some Industrial Places in Brunei

I am not sure what sort of industrial place this is but from the looks of the ponds, they are definitely not natural ponds, aquaculture maybe?

Oil industry in Brunei

Photos taken by a friend who wished not to be named.


Sebas said...

Good afternoon,

I really enjoyed these photo's. Thanks alot for sharing them online! Is there any chance I can see them in a larger size? I understand if you don't want to post bigger pics here, so maybe we can do that via e-mail?

Thansk again :-)

rabbit said...

Hi, I apologise for the really late reply. I just noticed the comment.

I'm afraid these are taken by a friend and she's not comfortable with sharing the originals.

Thank you for visiting.

Sebas said...

Hello again,

It has been two years already since I last asked, time flies...
I wanted to give it one more shot and ask you again if I could see the original sized pictures. I'm hoping you/your friend changed your/her mind :-) Btw, it´s just for my personal enjoyment, I don´t have a site or anything I want to post it on..

If you decide to share them with me, please tell me how I can contact you.


rabbit said...

Hi Sebas,

She wishes not to share the originals.

Thank you for taking interest in the photos.

Good day.