Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Nusa Laila Puteri Berakas - The Reunion Part 2

After lunch was followed by a photo session, committee members of the event started arranging chairs for some games. First, we played the good-old-fashioned musical chairs. Then, we had the "Tunang, Kahwin and Cerai" (Engaged, Married and Divorced) game. This is a partnered game where one of the partners will play the role of the female while the other the male. When the game master shouts "Tunang", the teams have to face each other with the male character on his knee in a posture of a guy making a marriage proposal. If "Kahwin" is shouted out, the pair must meet their shoulders and lock their arms together while at the command of "Cerai", the pair will have their backs on each other. The freeze dance was played last which everyone would dance to the music and freeze when the music stops.

It was so much fun watching everyone enjoying the games, both teachers and ex-students and there were some really hilarious moments.

Before the event ended, a band played followed by the prize giving ceremony, which then led on to a final song number by the committee members.

Getting ready for musical chairs

Chairs are filled with excited players

The music stopped and everyone rushed for a seat

Quickly grabbing an empty seat

Lots of action going on the instant the music stops

The fight for an empty seat ended with laughters

With fewer chairs, the chairs were placed far apart.

And, we have a winner!

Next, the "Tunang, Kahwin, Cerai" game when "Tunang" has been shouted out.


Teachers joining in the fun

Ustaz and another teacher playing the game

The teacher did the wrong action when "Tunang" was shouted, sending the audience in mad laughter as the teacher rolled on the floor in amusement. The judges who monitored the game were pointing fingers from on stage.


The judges on stage, giving out the commands and monitoring the participants.


Frozen in an odd position


This is a funny picture because the guy in red was scratching his nose when the music stopped and he had to freeze with his finger on his nose while the judges tried to distract him to lose composure. Participants are not allowed to laugh, smile or blink as well. Otherwise, they would be disqualified.

Friends trying to distract participants

Frozen facial expression

Funny poses

A volunteer performer joined in when the band was playing

Prize-giving ceremony

Committee member singing "auld lang syne" in Malay and other songs

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