Sunday, 19 April 2009

The D'Anggerek Ladies' Guild Dramatic Society Production of Macbeth

The British history of kings and knights are filled with power-hunger, betrayal and murder. It is on 17th April, the Brunei Amateur Dramatic Society (BADS) put together a play of such nature, but in a very interesting and comedic manner, titled "The D'Anggerek Ladies' Guild Dramatic Society Production of Macbeth.

The play is about a bunch of inspiring actresses from the D'Anggerek Ladies' Guild Dramatic Society playing scenes of Macbeth for a drama competition adjudicated by George Peach from Singapore, who was wrongly addressed as George Grapes. Unfortunately for the ladies, after 9 months of intensive rehearsals, things did not seem to be working out for them on that night. Injured Kate came with a leg in a cast and her bandaged arm sling to her body. Another actress caught the wrong bus and in desperation, the ladies got stage manager, Henry, to fill in her spot as Lady Macbeth. So, how did they all pull through as they stressed in flurry and panic while producer David Plummer tried to hold them together?

I thoroughly enjoyed the play and caught myself laughing hard at certain scenes. Every actor did a tremendous job and I praise the members of BADS for their brilliance. There was so much fun and energy in their acting, the technical team did a good work with the lightning, and the snow hahahaha. I love the wit, the language and the silliness that everyone put on so well. After the show, I found myself looking up on Macbeth and thought despite the madness the girls faced during the competition, their representation of Macbeth turned out to be pretty accurate and so awesome! Though the ghost of Banquo was too bloody to my liking on the dimly-lit stage, it couldn't deter me from being so highly entertained. I can't wait for their next one in September 4th or 5th.

Please check out BADS' website to find out about their next productions or if you have any interest in participating in their productions.

The set on stage had these wooden walls with bits of graffiti on it.

And other little notes which puts the audience in curiousity as to how they are associated with Macbeth.

The host announces the start of the show while the stage manager is doing final checks on the stage, doing some random hammering here and there.

Here is our adjudicator, George Peach, from Singapore who is well-aquainted with famous musical composer, Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Actor playing Banquo has lost her voice and is spraying stuff into her mouth.

I love all the witches in the play! They were hilarious and they've got such character.

Banquo here is expressing concerns to the host about her loss of voice and how it may implicate the competition.

Malcolm, son of King Duncan. By now, the society members had realised that they had the stage facing the wrong way and had to turn their props of brick walls this way round. All the while, Banquo and Macbeth were talking to the witches at the back of the stage which they thought was the front. What a funny twist that was!

This, I believe, is King Duncan of Scotland whom Lady Macbeth plots to kill. He eventually gets killed by Macbeth though this is not shown to the audience.

Here is last minute addition to the cast, Henry as Lady Macbeth

The drunk porter who opens the gate for Macduff

Macduff arrives at Macbeth's castle to learn of King Duncan's murder

A few additional scenes apart from the original Macbeth, handiwork of the Ladies' Guild Dramatic Society. Hahaha..

Macbeth hiring assasins to kill Banquo

Unfortunately, one of our assasins here lost her glasses and couldn't quite kill Banquo. Hahaha..

Which left Banquo at a lost because she's supposed to be dead.

So, she did a little Scottish highland dance to distract the audience off the glitch.

We had an interval where a lucky draw took place. Here is the host and adjudicator looking out for the winner.

While waiting for the winner to come on stage, the adjudicator had some tricks up his sleeves.

Here is our winner D, who won a jar of jam. I later found out that this was actually a trick planted by K, who is also in the play, for D.

Macbeth is the only person who could see the ghost of Banquo whom he had supposedly killed. So, there was a terrifying looking Banquo that growled from time to time.

Macbeth and Henry, playing 8 kings.

The witches are out and conjuring spells of forewarning to Macbeth about Macduff

Assasins are sent to kill Macduff's family

A visually-impaired assasin trying to kill Macduff's child

While the child is dying in pain, the mother continues reading her magazine and is oblivious to the commotion.

Assasins checking if the victim is dead

Here is injured Kate as Macduff

Lady Macbeth without hair

Actor playing Macbeth is getting tension from the competition, throws a tantrum and left the stage

With only 8 and a half minutes left to finish what was originally a 3-hour play, producer David had to take on part of Macbeth. Blindly and hurriedly, he read the script and sent the crowd in mad laughter.

Macbeth came back on stage, only to be killed by Macduff. At this point, Kate's injury has taken on a worse toll as she had to be placed in a wheelchair. Still, the show MUST go on!

Adjudicator George is giving his comments about the play in a vibrant dress, ready to head off to a festival party.

And the wonderful production ended with lots of smiles, laughters and applause from all around the room.


Mr Syaf said...

Hiya! Thanks for the coverage! Love the photos and the writing. We're glad you enjoyed the show!

PS: What's this about a show in September?

rabbit said...

It's stated at the end of the play's programme booklet that the future events by BADS include the following:

"June 4: Comedy Night

September 4/5: Room 103
Adaptations from Neil Simon's Suite (mostly) comic plays about the happenings in room 103 of a large Hotel.

Late 2009 or early 2010: Sugar Daddies by Alan Ayckbourn
A serious play aboout the corruption of innocence"

rabbit said...

Mr Syaf,

You are welcome!

And thanks for the comments. :)

Mr Syaf said...

Just checking =) Because some people thought what Mr Peach said was actually real.

rabbit said...

Hahaha.. I think that's also what really made the play so fun!

There was one or two instances that had me in doubt as to the validity of their statements.

I love how they got me thinking, those silly little "facts".

Mr Syaf said...

Yes. We're actually glad that people got them but worried that they might think they are real.

Again, thanks for the photos. I'm gonna link your blog to shutter speech if you don't mind. Love to see more of your photos.

rabbit said...


Thanks :)