Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Les Invalides, Paris

When I was traveling Germany and France, I didn't exactly make a concrete plan except booked backpackers hostels and flights to our desired destination. But, I ended up having one of the many great adventures of my life and I owe this to my travel guide book, Lonely Planet: Western Europe 6th Edition.

I got lost looking for the New Palace in Postdam, Germany. The book had the bus numbers for buses to the palace correct! And, thanks to the maps, we were able to get to a winery tour with wine cellar visit and wine tasting in Reims de Gare, France.

Anyway, back to the pictures. One of the must-places to go in Paris is the Les Invalides. On one side of the building were what used to be a hospital and retirement centre for soldiers. On the other side where a lovely garden greets you at its entrance is where tombs of great French heroes are kept including the tomb of the great Napolean Bonaparte. I was completely amazed by all the beautiful paintings that dressed the entire walls and ceilings of this place. I immediately thought of the magnificent paintings and elaborate ceilings I saw back at the Roman Bath, Bath, UK.

These photos are taken in the year 2004.

A mega huge crucifix in glamourous gold. Look at the paintings on the ceilings.

Notice the hall through the glass from the previous picture? Well, this is the hall on the other side of Les Invalides.

The tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte

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