Friday, 11 April 2014

Dim Sum at University of Nottingham

I get excited whenever my colleague J suggests dim sum for lunch. Yum!

What is amazing about the University of Nottingham is the diversity of cuisine at the various in-campus eating outlets particularly Portland Building at University Campus. Without surprise, this is largely due to the many international students that study here.

When I was first brought here by a colleague, I was so impressed to find a dim sum place at the centre of a British university. On the other side of the food court, you find Jamaican food as well others!

Thanks to Man's Gourmet at Portland Building, whenever I crave for something from home like dim sum and Malaysian curry, it is only a short bus-ride away. While the dim sum at Mandarin Restaurant (at city centre) is still the best I have ever tasted in UK, the  Man's Gourmet is a short distance to my office.

Lunch-time queues are always long at Man's Gourmet

Dim sum (lo ma kai, cha siao pao, ha kao, siew mai) for £6, served with some stir fry pak choi.

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