Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Beautiful spring at UoN with pink blossoms

Just coming out of the school building at Jubilee Campus, I was amazed by how good the weather looked. Nice sky, green grass and weed flowers bloomed.
Walking to Exchange Building to catch a bus, Jubilee Campus

I took the King's Meadow bus as the usual 903 bus took another 10 minutes of waiting. I was dropped off at the Portland Hill stop just before the Library stop. From there, I began my walk back to BGP when I noticed the lovely pink blossoms on the trees that darted across the hill behind Portland building. I have not noticed them before despite the few years I have been here! Absolutely beautiful view of pink blossoms, blue sky and cotton white, puffy clouds.

Pink blossoms on Uni Park, UoN
Trees with pink blossoms darted across Portland Hill
Huge green field by Trent Building, Uni Park. This was taken on a separate occasion
This was taken on 6th May, the day I passed my viva. I was walking back to
BGP from JC and the flowers at the North Entrance had just blossomed. 

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