Saturday, 12 April 2014

Tanhausser at the Royal Opera House

Jan 2011
Royal Opera House, London

I have always wanted to go watch an opera and was thrilled when C expressed interest to go. We decided to go for Tanhausser by Wagner. My colleague had driven us down to London and we had found free parking at a less busy area, about 10 minutes walk to Convent Garden. I was initially a little worried I was underdressed, thinking people were going to be dressed posh and all. It turned out to be a pretty relaxed environment other than everyone is a stranger to me. Once my discomfort of being surrounded by a large crowd of strangers is pushed aside, everything else was alright. The performance was tremendous and kept me mesmerised throughout the whole show! By the end of it, I was very happy to have watched an opera and have developed an appreciation for Wagner's work. This was a very interesting cultural experience for myself.

Interval  time at the Paul Hamlyn Hall

Cast of Tanhausser

Different area in the opera house

Elaborate decoration on each tier

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