Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Canada Trip Day 24: Queen Elizabeth Park and Mount Baker

6 July 2010 - I love the long daylight hours of summer which allowed us to cover many places of interest. The sun was slowly setting when we reached Queen Elizabeth Park. Visitors were still wandering around the gardens and children were found playing at the fountain area. The setting sun created a warm and calming ambience in the gardens. It was lovely to find a place of serenity in busy Vancouver. The park is located on Little Mountain, where we can get a view of Mount Baker in the States.

Unexpectedly, a photo session was taking place when we arrived. Models were posing by the fountain area and the photographer busily snapped away.

The Bloedel Conservatory was unfortunately closed. It is one of the attractions of the park, in the form of a geodesic dome, housing many flowers as well as some interesting birds. The Quarry Garden was quite empty, much to my delight. We found some nice views of the city and the surrounding mountains.

Henry Moore's sculpture Knife Edge by the fountain area (Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver)

Geodesic dome of Bloedel Conservatory of Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver

Bloedel Conservatory's glass dome catching rays from the setting sun (Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver)

View of Vancouver city from Queen Elizabeth Park on Little Mountain, Vancouver

Quarry Garden of Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver

Bridge over a cliff  (Queen Elizabeth Park)

Evening summer sun with the pine trees in the garden (Queen Elizabeth Park)

Flare of sun rays and shrubs in the garden

People enjoying the cool of dusk by a pine tree

Visitors enjoying the crimson sky from the setting sun

Large flock of birds flying across Vancouver

Pretty pink flower (Queen Elizabeth Park)

Purple snapdragons?

Some sort of moss floating in the water?

Giant taro plant

Plant with tiny red flowers, some of which have shrivelled

Flower with thorny-looking leaves.

Sunset with silhouette of trees and birds

Children playing with the fountain

Photo session still ongoing as we were about to leave the park

Mount Baker basking in the crimson light of the setting sun

Spotted a random sign on my way back to the house

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