Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Canada Trip Day 24: Beach Avenue, Jack Chow and La Casa Gelato

6 July 2010 - After our visit to Stanley park, we were brought to La Casa Gelato. My uncle explained in much excitement of how the gelato parlour is famous for its large number of different flavours.

Vancouver is finally getting a little warmer as throngs of people were out at the beach enjoying the sun or a dip at the sea. We passed by the Sam Kee Building, which was known to be the thinnest building in the world, the width of the building is smaller than my bedroom!

At the gelato parlour, visitors were flooding in and out to get their gelato, just the perfect thing to do when the day is summery and lovely. Despite the gazillion choices they offer, I couldn't give up any ice cream opportunity for anything else but something chocolatey.

My uncle, still charged with solar energy, announced our next destination at the Queen Elizabeth Park and enthusiastically went on with his commentaries, about its famous greenhouse which is in the form of a geodesic dome.

An elderly couple enjoying the summer, lively atmosphere at Beach Avenue in Vancouver

Busy beach along Beach Avenue

The World's thinnest building is the Sam Kee Building where Jack Chow Insurance is located.

Jack Chow Insurance neon signboard

La Casa Gelato in Strathcona, Vancouver offers over 200 flavours and the number of flavours still growing!

The moment we walk into the shop, we are just surrounded by ice cream of many flavours!

Tokens are first purchased to be exchanged with ice cream of your choice. Here's my token for a single scope.

Every ice cream opportunity is always invested in nothing else but chocolate of some sort. This time, it's dark chocolate gelato. YUM!

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