Saturday, 1 October 2011

Canada Trip Day 24: Picking Goji, Stanley Park and Seeing Racoons

6 July 2010 - After our tour around Banff, we were back at uncle's place in Surrey picking the goji berries that were then ripe. It was quite amazing seeing them in a crimson red, when weeks ago they were still green!

My uncle, seeing us doing nothing at home, decided to bring us around Vancouver to visit attractions which we have missed during our first trip there. He brought us to Stanley Park, Queen Elizabeth Park and La Casa Gelato.

The view of Vancouver city was really pretty as my uncle drove around Stanley Park. We managed to catch other views of Vancouver from the Prospect Point and got to see racoons. They literally come out of the woods to the park area to look for food.  Some park visitors were feeding them. But, we've been advised not to because this could encourage the racoons to expect food from us instead of food foraging in the forest and were told that they have rabies.

My sister picking Goji berries. We were literally eating them straight from the plant, which is such a wonderful feeling.

Crimson red Goji berries

Leo was happily playing in the backyard as the berry picking was going on.

View of Canada Place and other Vancouver landmarks from Stanley Park Drive

Totem Poles in Stanley Park

Replica of the Chief Skedans Mortuary (Totem) Pole in Stanley Park

An explanation about the Chief Skedans Mortuary (Totem) Pole

Replica of the Thunderbird House Post (Stanley Park Totem Pole)

An explanation of the Thunderbird House Post (Stanley Park Totem Pole)

Prospect Point at Stanley Park where we can catch lovely city views of Vancouver

Houses on the hills and skyscrappers peppered along the coast

View from Stanley Park of  the cityscape by the Vancouver harbour

Vancouver's Lion's Gate Bridge

Visitors feeding the racoon (Stanley Park)

Racoon under the park bench, shy but wanting food from visitors at Stanley Park

Another racoon emerging from the bushes at Stanley Park

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