Monday, 27 December 2010

Canada Trip Day 21: Seoul Restaurant, Banff

3 July 2010 - Located at Banff Avenue, somewhat hidden at one end of an alley is this amazing Korean restaurant. We never thought we'd had such a Korean feast in a place like Banff! We had the spicy seafood hot pot and stir-fried beef dish. Both were unimaginably marvelous, yet my sister was saying the one she had in Korea was better. The one in Korea will have to wait for now.

The spicy hotpot was ideal for the chilly mountain weather. It worked up a healthy sweat, which somehow added to a greater satisfaction of the meal.

Not only was the food tremendous, so was the service. Impressively, the service was not compromised even when the place was quickly filled up with customers. The staff members were courteous and helpful. We had our tea cups refilled, side dishes replenished and bill sorted efficiently.

[Photos by Sakana]

Walking along the alley, we saw the sign board of Seoul Restaurant, Banff

Here we are, with the staff members making preparations to receive a tour group. Luckily, there was a table for us.

Korean Masks

A couple enjoying Korean food

Spicy seafood hotpot (Haemul Jungol), YUM!!

This was the tough part, watching and waiting for this large wok of delicious-looking seafood in spicy soup to boil

Savoury stir-fried beef - Bulgogi

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