Monday, 27 December 2010

Canada Trip Day 21: Beautiful Bow River

3 July 2010 - My favourite thing-to-do in the town of Banff is walking along Bow River with Mount Rundle in the south and Mount Norquay in the north. Contrary to the busy and bustling town centre, the tarred pavement that meanders with the river can be quite deserted of people. There are many spots with benches provided at the banks of the river where we can claim some private space with nature. My sister and I took a long and slow stroll along the river, basking in the early evening summer sun, enjoying the majestic presence of the surrounding mountains and welcoming some chilly winds, the remnants of winter.

The Bow River has a long history with the natives, the First Nations as well as European settlers when they arrived. There was the great railway which helped trade bloomed in Canada. Personally, I felt bad for the First Nations from long ago. With the brand new civilization that came to Canada, I hope their future generations now are living better lives after having so much taken away from them.

A church with white spires

Busy Banff street

Walking along Banff Avenue

Some sort of concert going on in the park

Banff Avenue across the Bow River

Another deer grazing by the roadside.

Fairmont Banff Springs with Mount Rundle behind

Mount Rundle and Bow River

Horse carriage along Bow River

Many horses strolling along Bow River

Mount Norquay

The peaceful walk along Bow River

Mount Norquay  and Bow River. We sat on the grass to enjoy the scenery.

Early evening sun causing the turquoise green waters to shimmer

Bow River with
Mount Norquay

Mount Royal Hotel Banff

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