Monday, 17 January 2011

Canada Trip Day 21: Bow Falls, Banff

3 July 2010 - The Bow Falls may not have been the usual high waterfalls you might have expected, but its rushing water did look formidable with the serene and scenic view of the coniferous forests of the Rockies. Around the area, there are several activities one can do as facilities for cycling, walking and rafting are made available.

When we arrived, there were just heap loads of tourist coaches and cars. Our coach driver had to make some narrow turns to find an appropriate waiting area. There are many tourists when we arrived and I think we made the place even more crowded! I actually had a good time at this visit, having opportunities to talk to some of the elderly couples in our group and helping them take pictures.

Bow Falls with many visitors trying to get a closer shot of the fall by standing at the edge of rocks on the left.

There were these little girls who were really thrilled and their mum was taking photos of Bow River and the surrounding mountains

The mountains near Bow Falls are Tunnel Mountain and Rundle Mountain

People rafting along Bow River, right after Bow Falls

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