Friday, 29 January 2010

The Noni Plant in Brunei - Morinda citrifolia

Many months back, I walked into the kitchen to find myself staring at a strange-looking fruit. It looked like a big fat worm on the counter with its palish green skin. According to Dad, the fruit is called noni. Unconvinced (Dad always give wrong facts, which makes what he says mostly uncreditable), I did some homework on the Internet. And, it appeared, he is right!

When I was taking a walk in the garden, I found the tree that was spouting with many noni fruits. It was fascinating to see this worm-looking fruit growing on the tree and there were some tiny white flowers on it too.

Dad says it is a medicinal fruit which helps lower a person's cholesterol level. But, it is unpleasant to taste and is bitter. I've never tasted the fruit and I am not sure if I want to though several sources have claimed of its high medicinal abilities.

Interestingly, the fruit is originated from South East Asia but I've never seen it until recently. Also known as the Indian mulberry, the fruit is largely grown in Hawaii.

Interestingly, it is listed as one of the anti-cancer herb here.

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An unripe Noni fruit with white

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