Friday, 29 January 2010

Alternanthera Dentata 'Royal Tapestry' or 'Rubiginosa'?

I found this maroon plant with tiny pinkish white flowers at my dad's garden the other day growing all by itself under the shade of the bigger plants around. Dad had said that it is a medicinal plant though after surfing around, there were no such claim made on any of these botanical sites.

The Alternanthera Dentata 'Royal Tapestry' and 'Rubiginosa' pictures found on the linked websites resemble this picture I took of the flower. They all go by the common name of joyweed and are tropical flowers for decorative purposes. The 'Purple Knight' Alternanthera Dentata also looks quite similar which makes it hard to differentiate amongst them from mere photographs.

So far, I've not noticed this flower in any gardens I have visited in Brunei. Again, how my dad came to grow such a flower, like many other flowers he has been growing, is always a wonder.

Here are some links detailing about the flower:

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