Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Xining - Lhasa Train Ride part 3

This is another lake connected to Cuona Lake by a small river. This is found near Ga Nong.


A farm yard with sheeps grazing in the distant

A house by a lake

Another house by a lake

Another rock formation on the mountain top near Naqu

A crow on an antenna

Children playing in the rail car

A Szechuan woman in traditional clothes

A complete rainbow in full sight. Please don't mind the whitish column. It's the reflection from the door. I should have closed it. I didn't realise it then and when I later did, the rainbow was gone.

No pot of gold there

There were farm houses built just beside the hills at Gupacun and Naka. The Naqu river meanders while farm houses sprouted just beside it.

The countryside of Naqu (Nagchu) is really full of green, rivers and beautiful mountains. In addition, farm houses can be easily spotted from the train as we passed by the town.

These are yak manure put out in the sun to dry. The farmers use them as fuel.

More farm houses

In Naqu, you can see the Tanggula, Nyainqentanglha and Kangdese Mountains, as well as the snow-capped Dargo Mountain in the west and the Burgyi Mountain in the east.


Mr Syaf said...

Wow! That train ride looks amazing! That's the one thing we don't have here in Brunei - big huge chunk of open land full of countryside life. This makes me want to go through my train/coach ride photos.

rabbit said...

Glad you felt the enthusiasm.. :)

I think we do have open land full of countryside life but as to big, Brunei has relatively very small ones and if they are big, they are hidden away along some small road like the padi fields in Wasan.