Friday, 10 July 2009

Reunited at the Great Mosque of Dongguan, Xining

After three connecting flights, I was reunited with my mum and sister. I was extremely tired as I slept little in the plane. I have been flying since 7pm of 29th June to about 9am of 30th June. I was relieved to see the tour bus and had our guide at Xining telling me where my mum and sister was. Right in front of the Great Mosque of Dongguan was where I was asked to wait and while so, I took in the surrounding of city. Muslims and visitors were coming in and out of the mosque. The day was sunny and beautiful, and the city paced with life.

The women wear their headscarves differently, as compared with those from Brunei.

Drivers were chatting

People were busying about with places to go and things to do

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