Monday, 22 November 2010

Canada Trip Day 20: Thai & Tai - Ultimate Vietnamese Subs N' Grill

2 July 2010 - As the restaurants were closing along Stephen Ave, we got recommendations from a waiter packing up to dine at Murrieta's. When we found it, we were both excited and frightened. It looked expensive and we agreed on a no after scanning through the menu. Thus, continued our search for the "right" restaurant. There is a time and mood for different types of restaurants. And right then, we wanted something fast, simple, cheap and definitely, nice. We found a small restaurant named Thai & Tai which had menu that appealed to all aforementioned aspects. Unexpectedly, the meal turned out to be really good for a really good price! What I like about the restaurant are these beautiful photographs in black and white of ethnic scenes in rural areas of Thailand. It's a pretty amazing feeling, munching my food while marveling these photos and secretly envious of the photographer's travels.

Photos by Sakana

The restaurant counter

Thai & Tai signage at the entrance

Beautiful black and white photographs lined along one wall in the restaurant

I love this photograph! My favourite out of all.

Mango Juice with Pearl, absolutely delicious and refreshing

Menu Combo Three: Lemongrass Chicken, Tiger Prawns and Spring Roll over rice

The menu board

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