Monday, 22 November 2010

Canada Trip Day 20: Mariott Hotel in Calgary

2 July 2010 - We had flown in the day before the tour started and decided to stay at Mariott Calgary Hotel, opting for somewhere comfortable, convenient and private. The tour bus would pick us at Centre Street beside the hotel.

I was so glad that we picked Mariott to stay instead of the backpackers' hostel. It was amazingly comfortable. I immediately let myself fall on the soft, comfy bed after placing the bags on the floor. It felt like heaven! I could almost fall asleep right away if not for the hunger. Had a wonderful shower in a simple but spacious bathroom. It was luxurious to have the shower coming down in great volumes. The tiring journey between cities in the past two weeks has made the stay in Mariott such a big contrast to comfort, which I exceedingly appreciated.

Lobby of Mariott Calgary Hotel decorated with vintage furnitures and items

Vintage telephone, coal iron and a bunch of wheat

Vintage luggage and radio

That's mum doing some light unpacking and me on the couch.

So many pillows, and all so soft!

Nice big LCD tv

Bathroom with clean towels

View from our room with the Telus Convention Centre right in front of us

Menopause Out Loud van in front of the hotel

Walked along Stephen Avenue looking for a nice restaurant to have dinner when many places were closing at about 10pm.

Stephen Avenue looking quite busy

Canadian Pacific Railway building with a dome

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