Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Canada Trip Day 16: Rainy day turned into a Foodie one

28 June 2010 - We had planned to slow our tour down by a notch by visiting Citadelle de Quebec and Parc de l'Esplanade. Due to the rain, we eventually ended up nowhere but wandered in the vicinity of our hostel, waiting for it to stop.

We pretty much browsed through stores the entire day along Rue Saint-Jean and caught ourselves finding something nice to eat now and then. 

For brunch, we came upon Bel-Gaufre, a small coffee place which is popular for its waffles. From the outside, this little place may not look like much. But, you'll be so amazed what this humble coffee place has to offer. The cream of spinach soup was superbly delicious and we ordered a second bowl to share amongst the three of us. The minestrone soup was delicious too. Soup is the best remedy to lighten the mood of having spoilt plans on a rainy day.

We were merely window shopping at Maple Delights, looking at jars of maple syrups in different flavours and grades. Over the counter were delicious-looking sorbets and ice creams of different flavours eager to tantalise anyone who came near. I watched a child telling his parent the flavour of his scoop on home-made cone waffle. Next thing you know, my mum and I exchanged knowing looks followed by us making orders at the counter without uttering a word to each other.

That day, we had early dinner at Mikes Restaurant. As usual, we thought we could eat a horse and stuffed ourselves silly with Italian food that we never tasted before. The Asparagus and Capicollo Gondolas was divine! The Alfredo sauce went absolutely well with the asparagus and the crispy crust. We ordered the Sunshine Pizza - it comes in the shape of sunshine - with Field of Dreams topping. We were getting so excited from reading this off the menu. Just saying the order out to the waitress filled us with so much sunshine enough to forget the rainy day.

Photos by Sakana

Staff preparing waffles at Bel-Gaufre

Me having Cappuccino

Interior of Bel-Gaufre

Cream of Spinach Soup which was so absolutely delicious! It was creamy and refreshing at the same time.

Store front of Bel-Gaufre

Store display of Maple Delights

Maple Delights counter serving an assortment of desserts

Maple Delights napkin

Hanging sign board of Trattoria Di Mikes

We found a nice window seat

The Sunshine Pizza with Field of Dreams, which is so absolutely true!

Minestrone Soup

Italian Chicken Wings (I love chicken wings any time!) and Asparagus, Capicollo Gondolas and a small dish of Caesar Salad

What an Italian spread! The ambiance was great. The service was great. And, the food was superb!

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