Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Fijian, African or Brazilian longan? It's Fijian Longan or Pometia pinnata!

My dad loves gardening and he grows plants which he knows not the name of or that they are not accurate. Nevertheless, I was much excited by the latest find in the garden, thanks to his green fingers!

I now realise this Fiji or African longan is not the Spanish lime or Guinep or Mamoncillo fruit as I previously thoughtOther names include Island Lychee, Tava (Samoa) and Kasai (Malaysia).

One side of the tree (Fijian Longan) was covered with these tiny pink flowers.

Tiny bees were busy polinating these tiny flowers
Pometia Pinnata (Fiji Longan) fruits and leaves (taken from my previous post)

We have a whole colander full of them!

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