Sunday, 12 October 2014

Baby fruits

I love having a bit of a wander in the garden whenever I come back from work. The feel of the grass on my toes and the sight of fruits hanging like nature's chandeliers liberate me.

Today, I found some baby fruits just slowly transforming from what were once fruit flowers.

I was so close to taking a macro picture of a brightly greenish chrome-coloured insect perched on a grass leaf. As I steadied my stance for a closer shot, it darted out of sight.
Reddish spots on the edges of the pomelo leaves - is this a kind of crop disease?
A baby pomelo fruit forming from a fertilised flower
A baby soursop
The soursop develops inside the sepal of the fertised soursop flower 
It is just amazing that the macro shot taken from my phone's camera allows me to see the hairs on the grass leaf as well as on the ant!

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