Friday, 30 May 2014

Loving Gyu Don at Bonzai Nottingham

As we are pretty much done now, JZR and I have found ourselves rather addicted to Bonzai, a fusion restaurant serving Japanese and South East Asian food. I am addicted to their spicy Korean beef dish. It is all very confusing as on one page they named it the Korean beef dish and on another, it was called the Spicy Gyu Bento. Both beef rice dishes tasted exactly the same to me! Anyway, I found that I have more space for some salmon sashimi, which is a must-have, if I order the bento as the rice portion is smaller. In addition, I get to taste the Agedashi tofu which I really like! *foodie mood*

Gyu Bento with Agedashi tofu

Spicy Korean Beef Don

The mandatory order for any visit to Japanese food serving place - salmon sashimi

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