Saturday, 3 March 2012

Canada Trip Day 27: White Rock BC Canada

9 July 2010 - It was finally and properly summer on our last day in Canada! My cousins brought us to White Rock to enjoy the sun. It was pretty busy at the promenade but it was a merry sort of busy, which was nice. It was nice to see Mount Baker over in the States from White Rock.

That night, we had a barbeque with our Canadian family as well as other friends who had migrated from Brunei. I felt rather sad and somewhat regretted organising many days traveling around rather than spending more time with family. That can only mean another trip back to Canada.

Nice house at White Rock, BC

Nice house at White Rock, BC

White Rock has many nice houses

White Rock neighbourhood

Construction of house in White Rock

A drive along the beach

Pretty house in White Rock

"Be sun smart" board on the beach

People enjoying the sun at White Rock

People enjoying the sun and water at White Rock

Our sunbathing spot was somewhere here. Green grass and blue sky and BY THE BEACH!!! My kind of perfect day!

We walked along to the boardwalk

The beach became busier as time passed

View of Mount Baker in US from White Rock promenade and pier

Sea gull at White Rock, BC

Walking along to the pier - White Rock

Board walk at White Rock BC Canada

Coast of White Rock

White Rock BC Canada and a glimpse of Mount Baker

White Rock BC Canada and a glimpse of Mount Baker

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