Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Canada Trip Day 23: The Fairmont Chauteau Whistler

5 July 2010 - When my cousin heard that we are staying at Fairmont in Whistler, she gave us a look of disbelief. The next minute were exciting recollections of her stay at this luxurious hotel. This has raised our expectations of the hotel and harvested a kind of suspense of the place. We were excited as the coach was pulling into its driveway. While it was a huge building, its exterior were simple and elegant, yet unimposing and modest. The beds were plush and so comfy. The spa centre and swimming pools were just as pleasing and relaxing. Because of our cousin's tales of the place, we explored the spa centre and pools that night, despite a tiring coach journey. It was a fantastic experience since there were only a few people. There were several swimming pools and jacuzzi pools. We picked the jacuzzi pool that was warmest to soak our weary bodies in. This was after several experiments of dipping into other pools, which also involved running in the chilly summer night.

View of Fairmont Chauteau Whistler as the coach was pulling into the driveway

Entrance of the Fairmont Chauteau Whistler

Front view of Fairmont Chauteau Whistler with small front garden

At one side of the front door is hung proudly the logo of the Fairmont hotel chain on a gold plaque.

The wooden beams and steeply angled ceiling give the feel of a grand ski cottage in the lobby of the hotel

The classy yet simple interiors gave a warm and cosy atmosphere

Corridor on our floor, ours a deluxe twin bedroom

Another corridor in the hotel

View through the window from one of the floors

The bathroom in our room. Check out my sister trying to cover herself with the shower curtain while taking this photo.

Our nice comfy room with two double beds

We slept really well in this hotel, it was quiet and the bedding was so soft and nice.

I shared a bed with my sis and mum had one bed to herself. She looked so comfy as she slept soundly.

Sign leading us to the spa and pool

Stairway to the spa and pool

Tada! We are almost there. This door requires the key card for access.

The hotel gymnasium

Steam room

Shower cubicle

Shower room area

There were two indoor pools, one warmer than the other. This one here is warm.

This other indoor pool's water is colder because it is connected to the pool outside.

Outside, there were several swimming pools and jacuzzi pools.

The swimming pool connected to the small indoor pool

Other pools

This was our favourite jacuzzi pool with the warmest water and the other pool for serious lane swimmers.

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