Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Hamdilah Kamaluddin

I had the pleasure to work with Hamdilah during Fasha's and Wadi's wedding. He came across to me as a very easy-going and friendly person. And, he struck me as very kind and generous too.

I was the 85mm shooter for Hitam Puteh during the Nikah ceremony that was held in the living room packed with guests. Movement was difficult as I was permanently stationed during the ceremony among guests and photographers. With no chance of movement, holding an 85mm limited my variety of shots of the groom and the actual climax of the ceremony since the Imam's back was facing me. Hamdilah was kind to offer me his spot as we tried to shift as politely in between tight spaces. And, how gracious is he to offer me, almost a stranger, his wide lens! Mind you, lenses are very precious to photographers and not many would offer their lenses without question nor hesitation. Well, at least, not to a newbie like myself.

Our exchanges about photography was pleasant and he helped enabled the live view function on my camera! So sakai, eh! Maybe ignorant is more the word. While our meeting was brief, I hold respect for a photographer as generous and helpful as Hamdilah and look forward to working with him again.

Here are some of his photos and you may click on any of them to enter his photoblog.

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