Friday, 4 January 2008


About click&render
I enjoy keeping a collection of textual and photographic documents of my work, leisure and travel, which hopefully some may find interest in or use of.

I guess documenting my travels is the closest I can get to becoming a host on Lonely Planet (now called Globe Trekker). Ever since I first saw the show with Ian Wright on, I thought I just wanted to be like him, having a job where you do what you love best!

I have something similar in mind and is hoping to put it into implementation.  :)


Anonymous said...

hello..juz want to ask for ur permission to use your pictures about wasan padi fields for my educational purposes. i want to show dat pictures to my students..thanx in advance ;) can contact me tru my email

4pltl said...

would like permission to use some photos of tashilhunpo for a fundraising non profit video, see for more info, and of course with credit, thanis reply to , thank you

4pltl said...

wonderful photos, thank you, and glad you like tashi lhunpo

rabbit said...


as corresponded through email, all pictures on this blog can be used with credit to

milehiclub said...

Hi Rabbit,

I'm very glad to stumble upon our blog. Awesome find.

Would it be possible to get in touch with you via email, at a time of your convenience?


rabbit said...

Hi Janet,

I am glad that my blog has interest you. Thanks for dropping a line.

I will contact you by sending a personal Facebook message. :)