Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Saya telah nampak Anak Bulan! Yay!

Manual Focus
25 sec
ISO 800

I was still idling away when I saw the view by my balcony. When I got down to it, I didn't realise the moon was slowly going down! I tried taking it handheld but it was extremely blur. I ran to my car to get the tripod Maw Maw lent me.

By the time I had several runs with different settings, the little moon was slowly moving down where the trees are blocking. Thus, this is the best I could manage. :( And, I am sure my sloppy manual focusing was making the blur worse. I guess it was hard to gauge as well because I wasn't wearing my glasses. La la la. Sigh.

Well, it's HARI RAYA again! That means meeting old friends and having loads to eat, yeah!

I watched Mama Mia last night and loved it. Great tracks with lots of drama and love, which makes me want to watch the real musical!

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