Friday, 30 May 2008

New Zealand Trip: Day 1 Singapore

The Changi Airport, a popular flight stopover, is impressive beyond words. It definitely lives up to Singapore's high standard of living. Beautiful and colourful orchids populated the airport. Comfortable lounges with flat screens made even the longest and most tiresome of flights less dreadful as one would forget the feeling once alighting here. The pond below houses the biggest kois I have ever seen!

The interiors are modern and tastefully-detailed, from the carpeting to even the lighting.

Random clicks got me a picture of the carpet looking like tyre tracks under the buggies.

There's something for everyone to do. Free internet for travelers to check their daily mail or to surf, lazy couches for tv or book lovers, shops for just about anybody and there's a gym too!

Even the toilets have got a cosy and classy feel to it!

We had a light meal at Lerk Thai but it was less than satisfactory. I found my beef stew noodle too salty despite good presentation.

We tried to catch glimpses of the sun rise when we were above Australia, heading towards Auckland.

Equipment used throughout the trip:-
Camera: Canon 450D
Lens: Sigma 18-50mm

Go here for bigger pictures.

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